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1. 香港国安法正式生效

2. 腾讯遭诈骗

3. 最具价值全球品牌100强

4. 越南视频博主疑抄袭李子柒

5. 商合杭高铁开通




The Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the HKSAR


The Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) took effect at 11:00 pm local time on Tuesday.



The law was passed at the 20th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC). The NPC Standing Committee consulted the HKSAR Basic Law Committee and the HKSAR government and listed the law in Annex III to the HKSAR Basic Law.



The law was formulated according to the Constitution, the Basic Law and an NPC decision on establishing and improving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the HKSAR to safeguard national security.



The promulgation of the law was signed by HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam and published in the Gazette, according to a statement of the HKSAR government.


(英文来源:China Daily)


basic law  基本法

constitution  n. 宪法;体制;章程;构造;建立,组成;体格

safeguard  n. 保护;保卫;保护措施;预防措施 v. 保护;护卫

promulgation /ˌprɒmlˈɡeɪʃn/  n. 颁布;公布;宣传;普及





Tencent falls victim to imposters

Chinese police yesterday said Tencent appears to have been duped by a group of people masquerading as representatives of China’s best-known chilli oil maker, Lao Gan Ma, after the Internet giant accused the latter of breaching a contract.



The dispute emerged earlier this week after a Shenzhen court said it would freeze 16.24 million yuan (US$2.3 million) worth of assets belonging to Lao Gan Ma at the request of Tencent Holdings, which had sued the manufacturer for failing to pay advertising fees under a 2019 contract.



Lao Gan Ma in a statement said it never signed such a contract and had reported the matter to police.



Yesterday, police in Guiyang, capital of southwest China’s Guizhou Province, said it had arrested three people accused of forging Lao Gan Ma’s company seal — used in China to formalize documents — and pretending to be staff from the firm’s marketing department, which signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent.




dupe /djuːp/  n. 上当者;易受骗的人 vt. 欺骗;愚弄(等于duplicate)

masquerade /ˌmæskəˈreɪd/  n. 掩藏,掩饰;伪装,化装;欺骗;化妆舞会 v. 伪装,化装;冒充

breach  n. 违背,违反;缺口 vt. 违反,破坏;打破

forge  v. 锻造,铸造;缔造,艰苦做成;伪造;稳步前进,匀速移动 n. 锻铁炉,锻造车间,锻造厂;铁匠铺;伪造者

formalize  vt. 使形式化;使正式;拘泥礼仪 vi. 拘泥于形式





top 100 world's most valuable brands


The world's most valuable brands have seen their total brand value increase by 5.9% despite the economic, social and personal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, a report released on Tuesday has found.



The total brand value of the top 100 brands has reached $5 trillion, equivalent to the annual GDP of Japan, according to the 2020 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report, which was released by global communication services provider WPP and Kantar.



US brands represented more than half of the top 100, with Amazon maintaining its position as the world's most valuable, followed by fellow technology giants Apple and Microsoft.



Asian brands represented a quarter of the top 100, with 17 from China. China's e-commerce giant Alibaba took sixth on the list with $152.53 billion in brand valuation, up 16 percent year-on-year. Internet heavyweight Tencent came in seventh, with a brand value of $150.98 billion.



(英文来源:China Daily)


pandemic adj. (疾病)在全国(或世界)流行的 n. (全国或全球性)流行病,瘟疫

year-on-year  adj. 与上年同期数字相比的

heavyweight  n. 重量级拳击手;特别重的人(或物);有影响力的人(或物)

adj. 重量级的;超重的;重大的,有影响的





Vietnamese vlogger suspected of copying Li Ziqi


A Vietnamese vlogger's YouTube videos have sparked the ire of some Chinese netizens who suspect her of copying iconic Chinese foodie influencer, Li Ziqi.



Titled Bếp Trên Đỉnh Đồi, which means "Kitchen on the Hill" in English, vlog features videos about cooking healthy food using vegetables she grows herself.

这位越南博主名为Bếp Trên Đỉnh Đồi,意为“山间小厨”。她的视频博客记录了她用自己种的蔬菜烹饪健康美食。


So far, the vlogger has nearly 190,000 subscribers on the video platform, with some of her videos recording 1 million views. However, many netizens have left comments below her videos saying they're too similar to Li's.



From the video content, the blogger's hairstyle and clothing to the kitchen furnishings, and even the involvement of a grandma and a puppy, the Vietnamese vlogger's videos have stirred up netizens' feelings. They view it as almost a "copy and paste" version of Li Ziqi, with some suggesting it's an act of plagiarism.



"I'm not against people sharing videos of their farm lives, there are lots of great ones around, but this YouTuber has full-on plagiarized Li Ziqi," Joyce Fu, one of the netizens, commented. "Please respect intellectual property."

网友Joyce Fu评论道:“我并不反对人们分享农家生活的视频,网站上也有很多类似的优秀视频,但这个youtube用户完全是在抄袭李子柒。请尊重知识产权。”




vlogger  视频博主

spark  n. 火花;电火花;(内燃机里火花塞的)放电;闪光体;一丝强烈的感情;愉悦;(非正式)军队中对无线电报务员(或电工的)昵称;生龙活虎的小伙子;导火线;活力 v. 发出火花;点燃;导致;求婚

ire /ˈaɪə(r)/  n. 愤怒

foodie  n. 美食家;吃货

stir up  激起;煽动;搅拌;唤起

full-on  全面的;完全的

intellectual property  [专利] 知识产权;著作权





high-speed railway connecting Shangqiu, Hefei and Hangzhou opens


A new high-speed railway route connecting east and central China started operation on Sunday.



With a designed speed of 350 kph, the route connects the city of Shangqiu in central China's Henan province, and Hefei and Hangzhou, the capital cities of East China's Anhui and Zhejiang provinces.



The northern section of the railway, from Shangqiu to Hefei, went into operation in December 2019, according to the China Railway Shanghai Group.



Covering a distance of 794.55 km, the Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou high-speed railway is expected to spur the rise of the central region and boost the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta.


(英文来源:China Daily)



high-speed railway  高铁

spur  n. 马刺;鞭策;山嘴;(公路或铁路的)支线;骨刺  v. 用踢马刺驱马前进;激励;促进;紧贴主干剪短(副梢)

the Yangtze River Delta  长江三角洲

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