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一周热词 | 中国医师节、老人被狗绳绊倒身亡、伪造清华录取通知、苹果市值破2万亿...


1. 第三个“中国医师节”

2. 老人被狗绳绊倒身亡

3. 武汉水上派对

4. 伪造清华大学录取通知书

5. 苹果市值突破2万亿美元




China's Medical Workers' Day


Chinese people are paying their respects and showing gratitude to medical and health workers nationwide, as the country celebrates its third Medical Workers' Day on Wednesday.



President Xi Jinping has sent greetings to medical workers on Tuesday, hailing their remarkable contributions in the country's fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.



By the end of 2019, China has more than 3.8 million medical workers, among whom 57.4 percent have a bachelor's degree or above. Their service ability, level of technical expertise and professional accomplishments have steadily improved over the years.



Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the raging COVID-19 epidemic, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and other health workers across the country have devoted themselves in the battle against the novel coronavirus, running against time to save lives and safeguard people's health and safety.



Thanks to their months-long arduous efforts, COVID-19 was put under control in China by April, with people's life and work in most places back on track.






gratitude /ˈɡrætɪtjuːd/  n. 感谢(的心情);感激

nationwide  adj. 全国范围的;全国性的 adv. 在全国

sent greetings to…  向…问候/祝贺/致意

hail /heɪl/  n. 冰雹;致敬;招呼;一阵 vt. 致敬;招呼;向...欢呼;猛发;使像下雹样落下 vi. 招呼;下雹 int. 万岁;欢迎

outbreak  n. (战争的)爆发;(疾病的)发作 vi. 爆发

in the face of  面临;面对

raging  adj. 狂怒的,盛怒的;(自然事物)狂暴的,凶猛的;失控的,情不自禁的;很严重的,很痛苦的;(非正式)巨大的 v. 发怒,恼火;流行,肆虐;变得强烈;(非正式)欢聚(rage 的现在分词)

coronavirus /kəˈrəʊnəvaɪrəs/  n. 冠状病毒;日冕形病毒

run against time  争分夺秒

arduous /ˈɑːdʒuəs/  adj. 努力的;费力的;险峻的

back on track  重回正轨




elderly man dies after getting tripped by leash on runaway dog


A video clip of a tragic accident went viral on social networking sites on Tuesday. It shows an elderly woman standing by the roadside when two dogs, one leashed, rush past her. Suddenly, the leash gets entangled in the elderly woman's foot, pulling her forcibly till she falls, her face hitting the ground with a force.



Soon after, a girl comes running, looking for the dog. On finding the woman badly hurt, she drags the dog away. As bystanders gather at the site, the girl quickens her pace until she is out of the frame.



The police in Foshan, Guangdong province, issued a press release on Tuesday saying the elderly woman died in hospital. The dog belonged to a nearby restaurant and the girl, 12, untied it, and was out to play with it when tragedy struck.



The police are treating the incident as an accident while the dog owner and the elderly woman's family are negotiating with each other.



(英文来源:China Daily)



video clip  视频剪辑;视讯片段

go viral  疯狂传播;走红

roadside  n. 路边;路旁 adj. 路边的;路旁的

leash /liːʃ/  n. 皮带;束缚 vt. 束缚;用皮带绑住

entangle /ɪnˈtæŋɡl/  vt. 使纠缠;卷入;使混乱

forcibly /ˈfɔːsəbli/  adv. 用力地;用武力地,强制地;有说服力地,清楚地

bystander  旁观者

untie /ʌnˈtaɪ/  vt. 解开;解决;使自由 vi. 解开;松开




Wuhan water party


The video of a Wuhan water party in the post-epidemic time became a heated topic on overseas social media, as netizens expressed envy towards life in the central China city going back to normal. 



In the video posted by the Agence France-Presse (AFP), partygoers in swimsuits enjoyed an electronic music festival at a pool in a water park in Wuhan on a summer evening.



The news has been reported by a number of other media outlets like BBC and CNN, and made it into the top 10 hottest topics on Twitter in the past two days.



"Wuhan is having music festivals and New York City still hasn't opened up gyms," said Twitter user Luis.






epidemic /ˌepɪˈdemɪk/  adj. 流行的;传染性的 n. 传染病;流行病;风尚等的流行

netizen /ˈnetɪzn/  n. 泛指一般的网民

partygoer  n. 社交聚会常客

swimsuit  游泳衣(女式)

media outlets  新闻媒体




fake admission letter for Tsinghua


After receiving praise and good wishes from his family and neighbors, a high school graduate in Guangdong province who claimed to have won admission to Beijing's renowned Tsinghua University was found to have faked the admission letter.



The student, surnamed Cao, from Tiaofeng township in Zhanjiang, scored 235 points out of 750 in this year's national college entrance exam, known in China as the gaokao, but he told his family he had scored more than 700, Nanfang Daily, a local newspaper, reported.



To convince his family of his good performance, Cao faked an admission letter from Tsinghua University that said he had been admitted to study artificial intelligence. The whole village celebrated the good news with banners and firecrackers.



(英文来源:China Daily)



renowned  adj. 著名的;有声望的

admission letter  录取通知书

national college entrance exam/ gaokao  高考

artificial intelligence  人工智能

firecracker  n. 鞭炮,爆竹




Apple becomes first US company to hit $2 trln market cap


Apple hit a market capitalization of $2 trillion on Wednesday to become the first publicly traded US company to reach the milestone.



Apple first reached $1 trillion market cap on Aug 2, 2018. Other tech giants as Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet also reached 1 trillion market cap.



Apple shares are up about 60 percent year to date. In the past year, its shares have risen more than 120 percent from $201 per share.



The company posted a strong third-quarter report in late July, with quarterly revenue of $59.7 billion, up by 11 percent year on year, while Apple's net sales in the Great China region increased to $9.329 billion from $9.157 billion a year ago.






market capitalization/ market cap  市值

publicly traded company  上市公司

milestone  n. 里程碑,划时代的事件

net sales  净销售额;扣除销货折扣和退货后净额


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